Sunday, October 7, 2018

Prelude to an American-Style French Revolution?

From Canada Free Press:
Despite the illusion that persists today that contemporary Democrats have “evolved” significantly from the initial 50 years of their inception as a major political party, it is not true. In order to survive as a viable political force over time, Democrat leadership has had to resort to force. In this day, they are again dealing with survival. The “Democratic” Party lost the election of 2016, and are in danger of losing momentum to divert America away from the ideals, principles, and values embedded in the founding documents of the United States of America. 
America-hating Democrat leaders have no loyalty to the values in the Declaration of Independence. For the most part, such leaders in the “Democratic” Party do not believe in God, so the Declaration of Independence has no meaning with regard to citizen’s rights being considered gifts from God. To Democrat leaders, there is only government, which serves as all the god people need. And, citizen rights are derived from that god, not a heavenly God. Such Democrat leaders could care less about the bodily harm of citizens who support Trump, or defending the value of law and order, private property, or defending the founding principles. 
As America-hating Democrat leaders drag the rank and file Democrats down the path to the destruction of the founding principles and of law and order, they will utilize Black Bloc rioters, support Black Lives Matter activists, or New Black Panther Party militants, or any anarchists of the Left, militant Marxists, or new dupes being indoctrinated as fast as possible to hit the streets to manifest confusion and chaos. There is a parallel that can be drawn between Democrat antics of this day and the period of the disintegration of the ideals of the French Revolution. 
The unprecedented attack against Trump resembles the French revolutionaries desire to deprive King Louis XVI of his head. Several visuals of the desire of insurrectionists to decapitate Trump have been spewed out across social media. Character assassinations of Trump nominees were attempted and some were successful. The latest one happens to be Judge Kavanaugh. It seems that most of the “Resistance” is being orchestrated by a cadre of Democrats led by former President Barack Obama. (Read more.)

 From Life Site:
Every revolution has its victims, every revolution has its mobs, and revolutionary mobs are always bound together by bloodshed that they claim is justified. The Bolsheviks murdered the clergy and those who stood in their way, and the French Revolutionaries butchered the elites and the priests and anyone else who interfered with their perverted version of freedom and equality. And the victims of the Sexual Revolution—numbering in their tens of millions—are our own sons and daughters, pre-born children torn from the place beneath their mother’s heart and tossed into the trash. 
I understand that for those who have never come face to face with this reality, these words might seem hyperbolic. But they are true. I have held a little boy in my hands, a child killed by abortion and thrown out, so thoroughly abandoned that he never even received a name. I have seen tiny, shredded body parts, perfectly formed but framed with crimson carnage, pulled out of dumpsters. Abortion is not some abstract ideological football. The victims are real children, and this is real bloodshed. This bloodshed has become the sacrament of the Sexual Revolution. (Read more.)


julygirl said...

At one time I voted straight Democrat until the emergence of Barack Obama and his policies and attitudes toward America, religious freedom, etc., but have since started voting for Republican Party candidates. Barack Obama's vision of 'Hope and Change' actually resulted in hopelessness and changes away from original American ideals.

Unknown said...

I suspect that the next president will be something akin to a full blown communist (in philosophy if not in name). The left, after Trump, will go all in toward a radicalized leftist version of him.

If the Trump era is to be highlighted by a guy that says things an ordinary guy would want to say to power and a policy that is closer to originalist the leftist reaction will be something akin to a Mao-esqe cultural revolution and purge.

Unfortunately, the points above are not far off the mark.

Hope said...

So glad the Republicans found a backbone and did not cave in to the mob. The images of the howling banshees trying to shout down Senators in the hallways and accosting them reminded me of descriptions of the French revolution. Half expected to see the protesters erect a guillotine and start calling for heads to roll.