Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Rejecting Euthanasia

From The Catholic Weekly:
Nearly a month ago Anna Corry was given just days to live. The 50-year-old former nursing educator has endured an aggressive type of breast cancer since her diagnosis in January last year. This January she and her husband Martin and their sons Michael, 17, Dominic, 14, and Andrew, 11, received the news that although chemotherapy had shrunk the 10cm tumour near her heart, the cancer had spread through her body. Apart from a miracle, there is no hope for a cure.

The parishioner of St Bernadette’s, Castle Hill, wants to share her thoughts on euthanasia and assisted suicide – as a voluntary assisted dying law comes into force in Victoria next year, and a parliamentary committee investigates the issue in Western Australia. She is opposed to both and believes opting to shorten her own life would have robbed herself, and her family and friends of “an incredible amount of joy” over recent weeks. Some say that churches should stay out of the debate around dying and the law, but Anna says she has discovered through her own experience arguments against legalising euthanasia which are quite apart from her Catholic faith. (Read more.)

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