Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Like Nazis

From The Washington Times:
Actor and conservative commentator Ben Stein said Saturday that the protesters who berated Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at a Louisville restaurant the night before are “becoming like the brownshirts in the early days of the Nazi Party.” Mr. McConnell and his wife, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, were confronted at the Havana Rumba restaurant by at least two hecklers who reportedly stole the couple’s leftover food off their table and threw it outsideIt was one of many similar incidents involving Republican politicians being heckled in public in recent months. Mr. McConnell was recently heckled by protesters at Reagan National Airport near Washington. Mr. Stein, a lawyer and economist who is also Jewish, told TMZ at Politicon in Los Angeles that leftist protesters are wading into fascistic territory. “Disgusting mob rule,” he said. “Antifa is becoming like the brownshirts in the early days of the Nazi Party. Very, very disgusting, shocking behavior — stunningly horrible." (Read more.)
 From The American Spectator:
I know my share about how the powers of darkness can attack a movie that does not hew to the PC Line. They did it to our movie, EXPELLED. We questioned why it was not allowed to even mention that there are questions about whether evolution answers all questions about the origins of life. We asked why teachers could not even mention that there are alternative theories about why and how life started and expanded. 
Your humble servant in particular asked how it was possible that physical laws like gravity or thermodynamics could have just “evolved.” Didn’t there have to be some starting point for these laws which govern the universe? Who created these laws? Who enforces them? These questions were suggested to me by the smartest person I have ever met, Al Burton. And where is the evidence that one species evolves into another — not a variant of one species, but a whole different species? 
I was attacked savagely by the powers that be. We delved into the connection of Hitler with Darwin, about how we explain why a theory that says there are superior and inferior races and that the inferior races should not be allowed to eat up all the food of the superior races is NOT connected with The Final Solution. We went to Nazi killing centers like Hadamar and Dachau and had the curators there tell us that what went on at these killing centers was not political. It was Darwinian. 
I know I’m going to get slammed for saying these things. I’m prepared. But our movie’s run was cut short by a lawsuit by Yoko Ono of all people. Let’s support the Gosnell movie wherever and however we can. Abortion is the world’s leading monstrosity. It is its own form of genocide in which the people with political power use it to kill the people they do not respect — or who are a major inconvenience to them. Please support “The Gosnell Movie.” (Read more.)

From Ben Shapiro, on the murders in Pittsburgh:
On Saturday, in a constantly-repeating story as old as the Jewish people, a Jew-hating murderer decided to slaughter as many Jews as possible. This murderer shouted the slogan of Jew-haters throughout time: “All Jews must die.” That slogan has served to justify slaughter in the name of nationalism, in the name of communism, in the name of Christianity, in the name of Islam. Indeed, Jew-hatred is unique because Jew-hatred is infinitely chameleonic.

The Jews, however, are not.

Traditional Jewish thought suggests that every Jewish soul was present at the foot of Mount Sinai when God spoke to the nation of Israel, born and unborn. The Jews were bound in an inextricable covenant; we all consented, and we all became part of that covenant.

While the history of the Jewish people is filled with fractious division, the evidence suggests that this basic principle was fundamentally true – and history has treated the Jews as a closely-bound unit. Jewish identity wasn’t a choice. It was a reality.

Modernity has obscured this basic truth for many Jews. The enlightenment allowed Jews to believe they could exit the Jewish lineage, to abandon the faith of their fathers; freedom of choice came with freedom to exit. But the world is not that malleable. Jews, for better or worse, remain Jews. Every Jew knows this in his or her marrow. When we meet another Jew, the first thing we do is play Jewish geography: who knows whom, who is related to whom. That’s the rich side of being part of a global tribe – everyone is one degree removed from everyone else.

We’re reminded of that in joy, and we’re reminded of that in horror. (Read more.)

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