Saturday, October 6, 2018

A Love Affair With France

From Christie's:
To enter the Stafford apartments on Avenue Foch in Paris and Fifth Avenue in New York was to be transported to another place and another time — Paris in the mid-18th century when the art of luxury goods reached such an extraordinary apogee. Colourful Sèvres and Chinese porcelain mounted in lustrous ormolu glistened on exquisite marquetry tables and commodes, while sinuously carved armchairs and settees beckoned in every corner, all set against boiserie panelling.
 Fred and Elizabeth Stafford bought from all the best dealers of the day, such as Rosenberg and Stiebel, René Weiller, Samy Chalom, Kraemer and Bensimon, while many pieces came from illustrious collections, such as Henry Ford II, Baron de Lopez Tarragoya, Mrs. Alexander Hamilton Rice, Antenor Patiño and Madame Lucienne Fribourg.
Their daughter, Alexandra, recalls how the first questions new friends asked when they entered the apartment was how could she live in such a museum? As they hesitated before sitting down on the silk brocade-covered 18th-century gilded chaise à la Reine, she would answer: ‘No problem!’ Here, Alexandra Stafford discusses her mother’s collecting with Jody Wilkie, ahead of a special sale, A Love Affair with France: The Elizabeth Stafford Collection, which takes place on 1 November at Christie’s in New York. (Read more.)

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