Friday, October 19, 2018

Cathedral Basilica of Saint-Denis

From Tourisme93:
A masterpiece of gothic art and final resting place of the kings of France. The former abbey of Saint Denis is witness to centuries of the spiritual, political and artistic history of France. Discover the cathedral basilica, a jewel of gothic art and royal necropolis. Visit the archaeological crypt and burial site of Saint Denis, eight recumbent effigies commissioned by Saint Louis, the tomb of king Dagobert and 60 other sculpted tombs.

 From the high Middle Ages, this monastery has always managed to link its destiny to that of royalty thus affirming itself little by little as the priviledged burial ground of the royal dynasties committed to the faith of Saint Denis. Forty two kings, thirty two queens, sixty three princes and princesses, ten nobles of the kingdom are laid to rest here. The merovingians and Dagobert, through to the carolingians such as Pépin the Short, right up to the Bourbons, with the praying statues of  Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, The royal necropolis of Saint Denis was the priviledged witness to the history of France. (Read more.)

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