Monday, October 29, 2018

Why Are American Children Turning Violent?

From Halsey News:
Over the past 50 years, America has seen its youth assaulted by broken households, drugs, alcohol abuse, promiscuity, explicit music, violent movies and games. The traditional family of a father and mother raising their child has been undermined by a culture which questions authority and preaches the intolerance of tolerance. At public and charter schools, secular humanism has become a state sanctioned religion while Christianity, its precepts and moral virtues, are excluded from sight. In 1962, SCOTUS ruled school prayer was unconstitutional. In 1963, they removed the Bible. In 1966, the first mass shooting took place in Austin, TX. Coincidence? Since the 60s, debates over the public display of religious moral codes, such as the Ten Commandments, have permeated court decisions. 
In 2004, counties in Kentucky were forced to remove their Ten Commandments displays from public schools, while in 2017 a Pennsylvania school district remove a Ten Commandments monument erected at a public high school because one person objected. Removing our Judeo-Christian heritage thereby removes the foundation of our mores as a society. Moreover, the lessons of responsibility and accountability are hardly ever taught. Respect is taught first at home. However, in many urban settings, parents are either unwilling or unable to raise their children to function correctly in social settings. 
It is a problem that is systemic. When I inquire from admins as to a troubled student’s home life, over 50% of the time administration responds the student in question has only one parent. Sadly, it is not uncommon for drugs, mental, and physical abuse to be a part of the student’s home life. I have witnessed firsthand children dropped off at 6AM and picked up after 6PM by parents who do not even have jobs. What do their kids spend their non-class time doing? Watching adult sitcoms, violent movies, playing mature rated video games, and engaged on social media — just like Nicolas Cruz. 
This exposure to confrontational and violent programing spills over into the classroom which is often the first place where children learn social functioning skills apart from their households. More and more, teachers are forced to tolerate classroom profanity, disrespect towards authority, disregard of rules, and lewd side conversations by adolescents who are being raised by YouTube and social media. With no religious values being instilled, a dearth of accountability and family structure, and an immoral and violent culture being presented to our children 24/7 as the “norm”, should it be any surprise that school shootings are on the rise? There has been a terrific moral decline in American society over the last fifty years. If you remove God and moral values, deal with the consequences of a godless and immoral generation. (Read more.)


julygirl said...

There are laws banning religious values, but few banning violence and immorality....judging what is immoral is up for grabs since there seems to be no basis by which to judge immorality or what is considered immoral.

Hope said...

Interesting to read this in conjunction with the post about public schools in Regency England. The Regency youths had their problems with moral decay too, but do you think the use of corporal punishment correct the decay enough to produce an overall morality in British Regency society? I suppose the church had more influence in Regency times than in our society too.