Friday, October 12, 2018

The Chameleon

An Indonesian restaurant in Dublin. From The Taste:
“People don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes half the time and everybody has a story. You don’t even know what your customers are going through. But when they come in, you greet them, make them feel comfortable and give them a good food experience, and hopefully they come back again. Be personable and create a warm, friendly atmosphere to work and to entertain.”

These are the words of Carol Walsh, who owns and runs Chameleon Restaurant with her husband, Chef Kevin O’Toole. Open for 24 years, Chameleon has grown and changed with every challenge and each passing season, much like the restaurant’s namesake would. "We called it the Chameleon because of me changing from so many careers and styles and such”, Carol says and it’s a pretty accurate description. Carol is the kind of person with whom you’re instantly captivated by. As quite the traveler myself, I could have listened to her tales from Asia and beyond for hours. (Read more.)


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