Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Castleknock Hotel Afternoon Tea

From The Taste:
Some hotels claim to be family friendly venues, but you’d sometimes be hard pressed to find a little one strolling through reception. Castleknock Hotel, located in Dublin’s suburbs and very close to Phoenix Park, is a family hotel through and through, something that especially shines through when the hotel is hosting a number of events.

On the day myself and my good friend Niamh were enjoying Afternoon Tea, the hotel’s staff were handling not one, but two elaborate celebrations. From the quiet and chilled out christening crowd, obviously aware of the sleeping star of their do, to the more raucous wedding celebrations in the adjoining area of Earth Vine, as well as us regular customers enjoying a spot of afternoon tea, there was a lot going on. Something I noticed throughout the entire two and a half hours I was there was that a smile never left the faces of staff members and they effortlessly managed the entire room like the pros that they are – from the tiniest guest in its pram to the more senior attendees. (Read more.)

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