Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Where is the Outrage?

American citizens and firefighters are publicly humiliated, according to the Family Research Council. Terry Nelson has some commentary as well. (Graphic.) Share


Anonymous said...

words fail...

Anonymous said...

folks need to bombard the Mayor of San Diego; these brave men, fathers and who defend life, limb and property were publicly is an outrage beyond words.

call that wretched City and complain, complain, is the ONLY thing they understand

Anonymous said...

Here is a iron clad guarantee. This will be settled out of court for a bunch of money, it will be settled quick, and the City of San Diego will push this as far away as it can. The Fire chief will retain her job, and no one will ever hear from the firemen agian because they will have to sign an agreement to remain silent about it. Betcha.

Good thing it wasn't in San Francisco.

How these Saints must be crying in

de Brantigny

Anonymous said...

I am aghast. When I compare this to the brave stand taken by Mayor Yuri Luzhkov to ban Gay Pride parades in his city, I weep. By the way, all religious leaders support Mayor Luzhkov's principled position (Patriarch Aleksei, Archbishop Tadeusz, Mufti Gainutdin, and Rav Lazar all applaud his move). Why can't this happen in America?

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?