Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Family of Fourteen

A beautiful story, via Pewsitter. The father of the family says:

"This culture of fear infects everything that people do, extending especially to people's approach to love, marriage and children. People are afraid to have children for a million reasons that, fundamentally, are completely out of their control.

Faith is not only the only solution to this fear, but is the only solution that can lead to a deep and abiding happiness. Without faith the result is the impossible desire to control all circumstances, a desire that is doomed to failure, and which will only lead to despair."



Anonymous said...

I read about a recent poll where couples ranked what they felt was most important in their marriage, and having children ranked #8.

elena maria vidal said...


Anonymous said...


I agree that it's interesting, yet also saddening.

Alaughland, what made the Top 5?