Friday, August 17, 2007

Overdressing vs Chic

An interesting article. I have sometimes been accused of overdressing, simply because I prefer skirts and dresses to jeans, and like to wear hats to church. But with hair like mine, I'll never be chic. (It's too unruly.) Share


Brantigny said...

What is the problem with women looking like women? There are too many men who want to look like women so for the sake of humanity, Pleeeeeze don't worry about "overdressing"!!!

de Brantigny

elena maria vidal said...

Oh, I stopped worrying about stuff like that 20 years ago.....

Brantigny said...

I have been thinking about getting my wifee and daughters mantillas. I remember in the Phillipines the women all wore mantillas. It was special

Anonymous said...

I get those comments too. "Why are you so dressed up?!" or "Oh, you didn't need to dress up - it's only a casual get together!"

I didn't show up in a formal gown for cryin' out loud! I wear mostly cute, modern styled casual skirts and blouses or dresses. Why is that so shocking?

Maybe if I showed up like a slob I'd be better received?

Anonymous said...


De Brantigny:

When were you last in the Philippines? It is my home and as far as I can tell, I am the only one in my parish (and my Catholic school) who wears a mantilla.



How do you get away with wearing a hat??? I tried that a few years ago, when I couldn't find myself a mantilla, and was ordered by all the "parish officials" to take it off before entering. It had somehow become as rude as a man keeping his hat on indoors, even though the rules are supposed to be different from women's hats. (Then again, women have never really worn hats in the Philippines. There was no tradition on my side . . .)

elena maria vidal said...

Margaret, the same thing happens to me!

Yes, my grandma was from the Philippines and she always wore a mantilla- and she was an Anglican!

Oh, Marissa, that is unbelievable. Ladies are supposed to keep hats ON in church; only gentlemen remove hats indoors. Those people who made you remove your hat are very ignorant. I love hats; they finish off an outfit. Usually, I just wear a little black beret, which is unassuming and non-threatening.