Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Modesty and Virtue

Wendy Shalit discusses her new book. She says:

The ideal that's presented to teens today is to disconnect sex from emotions. This is what they see on TV and shockingly, it is what is even advocated on some sex-education websites for teens. But being jaded and disconnecting sex from emotion is more of a pathology than an ideal. Studies have indicated that young people who disconnect sexuality from emotion are not happy. We need our emotions to connect and bond with others. So I wouldn't say these novels are harmless; I think they prop up a very false ideal at a vulnerable time when girls are just trying to develop their own identities. Share


Anonymous said...

Today my son commented that the young women (in their late teens and early 20s) where he works seem so jaded. He does not remember young people being that way when he was that age. I reminded him of how much more they were and are exposed to than he was even though his generation had been exposed to more than my generation

elena maria vidal said...

Joy and innocence go together, and when innocence is destroyed, joy departs.