Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rule by Hillary

A very scary thought, but becoming more likely everyday. Share


Anonymous said...

The English Bookmakers now list "Billary" as the prohibitive favorite for the Democratic nomination and the solid favorite for the Presidency. (Yikes!) But, she has historically high "negative" polling numbers, and may not be able to win against any opponent, especially were a liberal third-party candidate (e.g., Ralph Nader) were to siphon off just a few votes.

Bucause Gulliani (personal-life scandals), Romney (religion and flip-floping on pro-life issues) also have such high negatives, I believe that the Republican race is likely to come down to an one hawkish candidate supported by Evangelical/Dispensationalist Christians (probably Thompson or Huckabee) versus Dr. Ron Paul, the small-government, "dove" candidate. Indeed, in London books, Dr. Paul has moved up from 1000 to 1 shot just few weeks ago to a 20 to 1 shot for the nomination.

elena maria vidal said...

Great reflections, thank you! I am voting for Dr. Paul.