Sunday, August 19, 2007

St. Edith Stein: The Movie

Paula has an interesting post about the film which helped Mel Gibson to discover Maia Morgenstern. It is called The Seventh Chamber and is about St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. Share


Anonymous said...

All these wondrous movies, yet when one goes to rent a movie, one must settle for tales of Daffy Duck--Daffy as young, Daffy as violent, Daffy as a 40 yr old virgin, Daffy the parent, and then Daffy sharing a billing and/or berth with Jack Nicholson.

A while back and only for too short a while, the Knights of Columbus hosted a movie rental section in a religious items shop here. There were movies like the 7th Chamber.. available; perhaps there are such lending libraries around in other areas, but that would certainly be one huge plus for parishes/parish halls.

Anonymous said...

I had not heard obout the film, will certainly look for it. Thanks for mentioning it.

Yes, it would be a good idea for parishes to have a movie night or afternoon, especially during the summer. The town where I live has one, and the films are family oriented, but it would be good for a parish church to do the same in terms of reaching out to the community.

Anonymous said...

Elena, I also try to get the movie here in Europe. It is not easy.:-(.

Thank you so much for mentioning the post.