Monday, August 20, 2007

Government Schools

An interesting article about socialist education. I knew an old Maryland lady who used to say: "Free schools and dumb people!" Well, perhaps she was exaggerating a bit. But sometimes I wonder....At any rate, I went to public school for six years, and had some wonderful teachers. But anything I learned in school was a reinforcement of what I was learning at home, where my parents created an atmosphere conducive to reading and discussion. I do not think that anyone can totally trust anything as precious as the formation of children's minds and souls to ANY school. Every parent must be involved in their child's education. Share

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Anonymous said...

And most schools would agree with you. They want parental participation. Very often it is parental pressure brought to bear on municiple governments that are behind raising educational standards. Many parents abdicate their authority willingly because they are too busy with their own personal concerns rather than monitoring what their children are up to. One needs to be vigilant until the so called 'age of reason' of the young person (about 25 years old nowadays)!