Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brave New World

Why do people acquiesce so easily? Too many give in to the culture, like sheep, without even being pushed by terror, persecution, or death threats. It is just a hassle to go against the grain, I suppose. Meanwhile, the Revolution breaks down our humanity. To quote from an article on Taki's blog today:

In the West the very notion of the “nation” is eroding. Most troublingly, the cultural language of manners, and established social norms, have already been worn down. Look at a photo of young men or women of a century ago and compare it to one of today’s young men and women and the contrast is shocking. All nobility (and this is a quality that was once found in the working class as well) is gone. Most young people seem so lacking in self-control or self-awareness that they can’t even stand or sit straight. Problematically from a governmental perspective, gone too is the natural allegiance to the nation. There is only an allegiance to Me, Myself, and I. Share


Anonymous said...

I remember the engagement photo of my grandparents...Grandpa was majestic. Grandma beside, sweet and modest. Must ask my parents to send a copy to me.:-)

elena maria vidal said...

The pictures of my grandparents, too, and great-grandparents! I am also thinking of the photos of St Bernadette, the poorest of the poor, who held herself with grace, modesty, and dignity.

Anonymous said...

Manners, respect for others, self, country, parents were jettisoned around the time young people were rocking and rolling at Woodstock. Those things became an obstacle to the pursuit of happiness, but an unexpected element resulted, no one was accountable anymore.

Vara said...

Not everything is lost. The problem has been identified, and that is half of the battle.

How shall we address the situation? I think that Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev is correct. He is calling for a "tactical alliance" of Catholics and Orthodox to re-Christianise Europe. Valdyki states that we must engage the secularists in dialogue, if we can, and to meet them in open opposition, if we must.

By the way, Bishop Hilarion's "Passion According to St Matthew" was performed in Rome and was broadcast on EWTN. So, you have more allies than you realise. We may not acheive communion (which shall not be for quite some time, I am afraid), but we can face our common foes together. May the religious revival that is sweeping Russia be repeated throughout all the corners of Europe and the West.

God expects no less from us.


elena maria vidal said...

So true, alaughland! thank you!

Thank you, Vara! A beautiful and wise assessment!