Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Deadly Toys

This makes me really mad, too mad for words. Share


wendybirde said...

Wow, this is horrible! I remember when i was in high school and in an antique store and i saw this really sweet antique block set i was going to get for a child. My mom was with me and she said i shouldnt get antique baby toys becuase of the lead paint since babies put things in their mouths--and she just assumed, and i have too, that modern ones do not have lead in them since we know the danger of lead now wheras they hadnt before. So to see this...wow!

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, apparently some small children have become ill and brain-damaged from the Chinese toys.

Anonymous said...

People need to watch what they buy from dollar stores. Much of it is from China and I have concerns about quality and safety standards. Especially toys, plates, cups, glasses and flatware...how do we know they are safe?

I found a couple of toy figurines that my children had been given very recently that were from a dollar store. They were stamped Mattel and Made in China on the bottom, just like the ones recalled. They were not in a set but were probably pieces of a broken up set that for whatever reason were sent to dollar stores.

I recognized them in the photos as pieces of the set and immediately threw them out!

I have noticed that the dollar stores sell dress up jewelry and other cheap toys that chip, crack and peel VERY easily. They should test those first - I'm sure the results would be interesting.