Friday, July 19, 2019

Why Are the Democrats So Crazy?

From The American Spectator:
Perhaps the primary unintended consequence of the Democrat’s hard-left turn is a huge increase in clarity. That’s definitely not going to help the Democrats. Their inability to deal with Trump has caused them to reveal more than ever before who they really are. They have always managed to hide their true nature from voters in the past. That’s over. 
An ancient proverb says, “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.” In this context “mad” has two meanings: angry and insane. It could also be said that whom the gods would destroy they first make hate. Hate is not a formula for winning friends and influencing people or, more importantly, increasing your voter base. Democrats’ visceral hatred for Trump generates much of their ugly behavior. They perceive reality through a prism of contempt for him.

Amazingly, Trump does not return their hatred. He is not fazed or distracted. He maintains his happy warrior attitude, and that frustrates the hell out of his opponents. He’s the energizer president. It is a sight to behold.
Democrats despise any Trump accomplishments, such as robust economic growth, simply because the person they hate accomplished them. They cannot allow themselves to enjoy anything positive happening to the country if Trump is in any way associated with it. What a sad state of affairs. Trump supporters are having the times of their lives while his opponents are miserable.
One of Donald Trump’s good fortunes is the opponents he’s been blessed with, both in regard to quality and quantity. A dilemma for the Democrats is the sheer number of their presidential candidates. Trump is the first president in history who has two dozen challengers (if they can be described as such). The Democratic Party has what you might call an embarrassment of riches — emphasis on embarrassment. The Democrats have the largest number of strange people ever assembled in a single party.

A handicap for the Democrats and the media is their lack of self-awareness. That prevents them from learning from their mistakes. They seem totally unaware and unconcerned about how silly they’re making themselves look. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

The problem with the current Democrats is that they have too many in- experienced, and not too bright, upstarts trying to impose their leadership. I feel sorrier for Nancy Pelosi's and her attempts to deal with them than for President Trump. Remember...Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I'm the meanest son of a bitch in the valley.