Thursday, July 25, 2019

Summer of Discontent

There is a line from Shakespeare’s Richard III, “Now is the winter of our discontent” expressing the idea that we have reached the depth, or winter, of our unhappiness and that better times are ahead as winter rolls into spring and summer. Summer of discontent must then mean that darker times are ahead, as summer transitions into fall and winter. For Democrats, this summer may be the best of times for the foreseeable future, as storm clouds gather on their horizon. 
The source of Democrats’ discontent is a funny word they like to use, Drumpf, the ancestral family name of President Donald Trump. Many immigrant families, legal I might add in this case, ended up with an anglicized last name, derived from their previous names back in the old country. So-called comedians, like John Oliver, seem to actually believe that monologues making fun of the name Drumpf would turn Trump supporters into Democrats. The reality is that the tedious harangues from late night jokers probably create more Trump supporters. 
Democrat discontent stems from their inability to stop the Trump train. Despite assurances from John Oliver and others of his ilk that Donald Trump would never be president, he was and still is. The Access Hollywood tapes were strategically leaked by NBC as an October surprise. The only surprise was on the faces of cable news anchors on election night. 
The Electoral College electors would choose someone else. The military would arrest Trump before inauguration day. Robert Mueller and his band of partisans would take out Trump but instead served up a nothing burger of no collusion and no obstruction. Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti would drive Trump from office. Stormy is pole dancing somewhere in Ohio and Avenatti is getting fitted for an orange prison jump suit.
Omarosa had a tell-all book that would destroy Trump and after a week of orgasmic delight by CNN and MSNBC newsreaders, Omarosa disappeared. Megan Rapinoe, not content with being a famous and celebrated soccer star, auditioned for the still vacant role of Trump slayer, quickly becoming as annoying and irrelevant as Stormy or Omarosa. (Read more.)


julygirl said...

Ten million of us are fed up with being labeled racist, homophobic, and being fitted into boxes devised by the self righteous, holier than thou, self appointed 'goody two shoes' who have placed themselves as watch dogs over the rest of us. They want a president who will also fit into their mold and Trump does not, cannot and will not. They fail to recognize that for this reason we voted for him, and for this reason he won the last Presidential election.

elena maria vidal said...

Well said, Julygirl.