Thursday, July 18, 2019

An Epidemic of Ungrateful Americans

From Dr. Sebastian Gorka:
Right now, two of the biggest controversies in America are tied to two of the most prominent women in our society today, and the backlash they have rightfully earned. Representative Ilhan Omar, ever since being elected to Congress last year, has done nothing but preach about how America is an “evil,” “racist,” or “oppressive” society. She shreds our history and traditions so as to portray our country as the boogeyman that she believes it to be, even if this flies in the face of reality. 
Fox News host Tucker Carlson has called her out for the most obvious sin she has committed with this attitude: Ungratefulness. As an immigrant from an impoverished nation, rife with real oppression and injustice, Omar came to America and was blessed with all the privileges and happiness that this country has to offer, even being elevated to the United States House of Representatives. Yet she still continues to decry America as racist, oppressive, and unjust, despite all of the good fortune she has received from this nation. 
The same can be said of the now-infamous co-captain of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, Megan Rapinoe. She too was able to rise to such fame and wealth because of the opportunity that the United States of America offers to all its citizens. Yet she has used her newfound prominence as a soapbox from which to trash America, disrespect the National Anthem, and even drop our flag to the ground and step on it moments after winning the World Cup. 
Yet the FakeNews Industrial Complex would have us believe that such figures as Omar and Rapinoe are fighters for a “just cause,” and that backlash to their anti-Americanism is simply bigotry, racism, or sexism. But it’s none of these things. At the end of the day, it’s as simple as calling out any other whining, ungrateful child who simply has no idea how privileged and blessed they really are, that they have the right to criticize the very country that gave them everything. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

In many countries her rants would not be met with the statement, "If you don't like this country go back to your own country." Instead, one would never hear from her again because she would be locked up or mysteriously disappear.