Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Losing Enthusiasm for LGBT Indoctrination

Any glimmer of sympathy I might once have momentarily harbored for the LGBT cause has long been extinguished due to the ever-increasing onslaught of the most repulsive and objectionable leftist propaganda and indoctrination. My entire being tends to revolt whenever I am told what I am supposed to think and feel about a given topic. I know many people who react similarly, especially young people. From LifeSite:
Maybe that’s the problem. Young Americans have seen all this and are not impressed. I speak on the “LGBT” agenda in classes of public school seniors several times a year, and here’s what I think is going on. 
1. Kids have learned about bullies and see “LGBTQ” tyranny for what it is: hypocrisy. These folks talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Their identities must be affirmed, but there’s no sympathy for girls who don’t want strange males in their bathrooms or boys who are taunted by mean “gay” guys. Young people are tired of being called bigots if they want privacy or want to be treated with respect for their own preferences and moral objections. 
2. Today’s youths hate phonies. And let’s face it: those involved in homosexual behavior and those pretending to be the opposite sex are huge pretenders. An example is “LGBT history” propaganda. Many of today’s 21-year-olds were subjected to this mythology in high school, with speculation that Abraham Lincoln, the Apostle Paul, Eleanor Roosevelt, and others were closeted “gays.” And that we should consider pederast Harvey Milk and Bruce Jenner heroes and worthy role models. They are not buying it and don’t want their children subjected to this nonsense. 
3. Mean behavior is getting a pushback. I’ve heard from many parents over the years who relate their kids’ mistreatment by empowered groups of homosexual students and teachers in their schools. Even the slightest disagreement with their agenda often results in mocking, scoffing, rumor-spreading, and harassment. The more influence in schools the “LGBTQ” crowd gets, the fewer boundaries of decency and civility they honor. And in college, this vicious treatment goes on steroids. Many are fed up with being treated like second-class citizens or watching others treated in this way. 
4. The ugliness is front and center. Let’s face it: effeminate teen boys and butch teen girls are not appealing to the mainstream student. They are, again, inauthentic and a physically compromised version of the best that young person could be. Something has altered such a person’s perceptions and mannerisms, and it usually doesn’t come off attractively. And it’s so sad, because these kids could have a whole different adolescent experience, but instead of getting truth-based counseling, they are being deceived by manipulative adults. 
The gender-confused person is even more of a caricature. Most heterosexual kids want to avoid the female-to-male gender rebel and all “drag queens.” They find this disordered behavior repulsive. (Read more.)

From First Things:
The problem, however, is that as our society has become less racially divided, less judgmental about sexual orientation, and more enthusiastic about career women, the political potency of the promise of inclusion has diminished. This sets up powerful incentives for the liberal establishment to deny progress, citing the enduring—even intensifying—problems of “exclusion.” 
In short, liberal power requires racism and other forms of bigotry. The loyalty of high-minded whites and minority voters needs to be renewed. The spike in articles about racism is therefore entirely predictable. White supremacy must be ferreted out and lifted up again and again in the media. When it can’t be found, it has to be invented—as in the case of Jussie Smollett, whose wanton lies were treated as necessary truths by the mainstream media. 
There is another dimension to this power dynamic. Keeping racism, homophobia, and other charges of bigotry prominent in the public square suppresses dissent from liberal dominance. The same is true for charges of fascism or “far right” extremism. (Read more.)

Meanwhile, in California pastors are being forced to choose. Share

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