Monday, July 8, 2019

The Queen's Solemn Oath

From The Conservative Woman:
I would like courteously to challenge Prince William as a Christian pastor. The Biblical teaching on homosexuality is unequivocal. What the prince has just stated in effect is that he will support his children if they choose to defy God’s moral law and providence, either by embracing the homosexual lifestyle, or by seeking to change the gender which God has assigned to them. He is therefore dismissing as invalid the views of those who hold the Bible to be the word of God. It should be added that the Duke is also publicly rejecting as a meaningless archaism his grandmother’s solemn promise in 1953 as our head of state ‘to the utmost of her power to maintain the laws of God’.

I therefore respectfully submit that the Duke’s recent comments represent nothing less than a public repudiation of the Christian Scriptures and of the God-ordained family unit, and are accordingly deeply to be regretted. And lest anyone should be in any doubt, I uphold God’s moral law in respect of homosexuality precisely because I love my homosexual neighbour and seek the best for him. (Read more.)

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