Saturday, July 27, 2019

Canada’s Extreme Wokeness

From Life Site:
The bizarre story has attracted international attention. As I mentioned in my previous column, British comedian Ricky Gervais has been highlighting the story to his millions of followers. In the United Kingdom, the Spectator is covering the story at length. Yaniv hung up on a popular atheist radio host in Ireland, who couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing. The National Review has covered the story, as has The Australian, Yahoo News, and the Washington Examiner.

In Canada, however, the media have remained almost entirely silent. The inestimable Rex Murphy over at the National Post harpooned both Yaniv and the Human Rights Commissions, and the Toronto Sun covered the story, but aside from that, only the Post Millennial has been relentlessly uncovering new details (including the recent revelations that Yaniv is allegedly a sexual predator). The Post Millennial, of course, has been smeared by Canada’s state broadcaster the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation — despite the fact that the CBC has resolutely ignored a story that has captured attention almost everywhere else.

It’s not just the CBC, either. Global News? Not a word. CTV? Not a single article. The Toronto Star? You won’t find out what everyone’s talking about there, either. The Ottawa Citizen? Nope. The Winnipeg Free Press? Nothing. The Canadian press, which has been enthusiastically pushing the transgender agenda and obediently using whichever pronouns it is commanded to by the LGBTQ lobby, is utterly silent about a viral story that is being discussed around the world.

Perhaps they don’t know how to reconcile the fact that Canada is currently being transformed into a laughingstock due to a strange trans activist pushing us to the logical conclusion of an ideology they have all been plugging. Perhaps they simply haven’t noticed the story, which seems unlikely, considering how much time their employees spend on Twitter. Or perhaps they’ve decided that a story in which Canada’s extreme wokeness looks ludicrous does not go well along the “Canada is both humble and the best” stories they relentlessly publish. (Read more.)
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