Saturday, July 13, 2019

The New World of Transgender Policy

This is a sad case that has happened in my town. One family's psychiatric problem is imposed on the entire county as teenage boys are forced to pretend that a young girl is really a boy. I feel sorry for the mother, who instead of getting the help her daughter needs, is feeding the illness. It is pathetic how many deluded people are willing to go along with such madness. Most pathetic of all is the young girl, who is being used to push an agenda on everyone else's children. From The Talbot Spy:
It is relatively easy to have a conversation in the abstract about transgender identity in such fields as health, religion, or government policy, but it’s an entirely different matter when it comes to the everyday challenges of navigating the rights of individuals with accommodations such as restrooms and locker rooms.

And it’s also a very different story when it’s your child needing to be accommodated. That was the case with Lynn Brennan and her family when a daughter became a son between the seventh and eighth grade in the Talbot County Public School district a few years ago. At a time when state and local governments had not developed guidelines for transgender students, Lynn’s family was the first locally to enter into this new and complex terrain for public schools, teachers, and students. (Read more.)

Another sad case HERE.

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julygirl said...

I cannot imagine what sort of parent of a female child would want to have her participate as a boy in boys activities, especially regarding what goes on in locker rooms. Even for some boys, being part of the young male culture is a trial by fire that can be difficult. Besides this, it is not fair to biological boys to have a girl who identifies as a boy in their locker room. Who or what entity of today's society decided it is adhering to the law of inclusion by extending certain rights that impinged upon the rights of others. I resent that my right to privacy in the Women's Room is overlooked in order that the so called right of a minority with skewed ideas of gender are placed above others.