Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Best Southern Cookbooks

To get a taste of the true history of Southern cuisine, one must look to the work of African-American chefs, home cooks and writers. The eight cookbooks below are a crucial collection for any serious Southern cook. If you don’t have these in your kitchen already, get them in your shopping cart now. 
There simply is no denying the impact that countless African-Americans have had in shaping food culture in our country. In the South specifically, the influence of black Americans is easily felt — and consumed — in everyday staples such as braised collard greens, candied yams and fried catfish. While other Southern chefs have received a lot of acclaim for bringing their interpretation of Southern food to the masses, this beloved cuisine was built in the kitchens of black folks below the Mason-Dixon and continues to thrive even today.  
One of the best things about the cookbooks below is being able to get a glimpse at the historical origins of many of the dishes we’ve come to love. When you’re cooking a recipe out of any one of these books, it’s impossible not to go about it with a sense of reverence for the people and context that helped create such a dynamic cuisine.    
No matter your culture or background, if you’re a Southerner — or at least just love Southern food — there is no better guide to cooking than these eight cookbooks.  (Read more.)

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