Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Heart of Hospitality

The right and left hand of hospitality are giving and receiving, with grace and mercy being at the heart and soul. Giving: giving calls us to not just give of our possessions but, again, of our presence, time, and emotion. It calls us to be present in the circumstances of others as we minister to their needs. This comes from the heart. 
Receiving: receiving calls us to not only carry the loads of our brothers and sisters in Christ as well as our neighbors who have not yet come to Christ, but it calls us to receive the goodness that they would like to pour out into us. When we give to others, they often would like to respond in turn by giving unto us as well. We need to be gracious enough to receive as there is a blessing in store for both the one who gives and the one able to receive. The beautiful image that comes to mind with the arms of hospitality is the perfect embrace, one that supports, fills up, and enables release. Having a heart of hospitality brings healing. It also brings hope. (Read more.)

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