Monday, May 6, 2019

Being Hated

From Townhall:
How about abortion? The Democrats all want to expand your right to have an abortion pretty much up until the time the victim – I mean “the parasitic clump of cells” – can buy a pack of Marlboros and a sixer of Michelob. But that won’t increase my liberty. I will never have an abortion. That’s partly because men can’t get preggers, despite the insistence of the folks who love to tell you how much they love #science, so broadening my options vis a vis wasting babies will not increase my liberty even if I were so inclined. Nor will it expand yours, because it’s a pretty safe bet that if you have read this far you are unlikely to waddle down to the local “womens’ healthcare provider” to get some terminal “health care” provided for your 8.5-month-old pregnancy. (Read more.)

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