Sunday, May 26, 2019

Guilt And Denial

From Michael Knowles at The Daily Wire:
For decades, the pro-life movement has focused on scientific evidence and ethical arguments. That strategy has helped to turn state law and public opinion increasingly against abortion. But if the one-in-four number is correct, evidence and arguments alone will never suffice. What role must guilt and denial play in many Americans’ refusal to acknowledge the reality of abortion? One in four American women will kill at least one of her children. As many as one in four American men will see at least one of his children killed. If abortion ends a human life, then a quarter of Americans are murderers. 
From a scientific perspective, abortion does indeed end a human life. In 1.3% of cases, women abort babies so fully formed they have fingerprints. Over five percent of abortions involve babies developed enough to hiccup. Well over one in ten abortions kills a baby who can swim, cry, and suck his thumb. In nearly one in five cases, mothers abort babies whose fingers, toes, and teeth they might have glimpsed on an ultrasound. Over a third of the time, abortion kills babies with detectable brain waves. 
The remaining two-thirds of abortions occur within eight weeks of the mother’s missed period, at which point the baby has already developed a beating heart. By week five, the baby starts to form his central nervous system. By week four, the baby has the beginnings of his digestive system. At the very moment of conception, the baby has unique human DNA and exhibits all the characteristics of life. From an ethical perspective, the killing of innocent human beings is wrong. Unborn babies—that is, fetuses, embryos, and even “zygotes”—are innocent human beings. Therefore, it is wrong to kill them. (Read more.)

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