Friday, May 10, 2019

The Castleman Statue

From Leo Weekly:
So, if Castleman is removed, shouldn’t logic follow that we also remove the statues of Thomas Jefferson in front of Metro Hall, King Louis XVI at the corner of Jefferson and Sixth streets, chained slaves at the Lincoln sculpture, George Rogers Clark on the Belvedere, Charles Farnsley on West Main Street and the Yandell banner and rename the Watterson Expressway and J. B. Speed Art Museum? And, some might argue that the banners of local icons Colonel Sanders and Muhammad Ali should be reviewed. The criterion of would these statues be welcome in all parts of Louisville sets an impossible standard to uphold in this politically-correct cleansing of history. (Read more.)
This is one of the several articles about the John B. Castleman statue that appeared in the May 8 issue of LEO Weekly. To read the rest, go here. Share

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