Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Order of Love

Woman is first in the order of love, as Genevieve Kineke explains so clearly in a recent article, especially when seen in the light of the Assumption of Our Lady.

Some words from the Holy Father confirm this ineffable mystery. As Pope Benedict recently said:

Mary has left death behind her; she is totally clothed in life, she is taken up body and soul into God's glory and thus, placed in glory after overcoming death, she says to us: Take heart, it is love that wins in the end!

The message of my life was: I am the handmaid of God, my life has been a gift of myself to God and my neighbour. And this life of service now arrives in real life. May you too have trust and have the courage to live like this, countering all the threats of the dragon. Share


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful, thank you.

elena maria vidal said...

You are most welcome, I thought so, too. I love Our Holy Father's writings.