Thursday, May 23, 2024

Banners of the King


ATTENTION Catholics! It is almost June, Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus! Let us all fly Sacred Heart banners from our homes as a Christian witness and in thanksgiving for the religious freedoms we enjoy, when freedom for Catholics has not always been the case. Banners available here and here

Here is a letter I am sending to the local newspaper:

Today I was sent a YouTube video of the Easton Town Council discussing a proposal to ban support for ideological causes. I assume this is a matter of taking fiscal responsibility. I understand that rents and taxes in Easton are high.  Although I do not live in Easton, I shop there and am always disappointed when I see empty storefronts, especially if a shop or restaurant that I really liked has gone out of business. So I applaud the Council for choosing to focus public funds on building a climate for prosperous businesses rather than spending money on ideological causes.

 One council member mentioned that, for Roman Catholics, June is the traditional Month of theSacred Heart of Jesus. Yet in spite of the growing number of Catholics in Easton, as we continually welcome new citizens from South of the Border, it would be inappropriate for the Town of Easton to hang Sacred Heart Banners from all the lamp posts. Catholics understand this, and no Catholic would ever see the absence of Sacred Heart banners as a sign of hatred. Private citizens, of course, are welcomed to show their support for causes by hanging banners in their yards, and one sees Ukrainian flags everywhere. If someone does not have one, it does not mean they hate Ukrainians.

As a Catholic, I am thinking of getting a Sacred Heart banner for my house.  Catholics suffered persecution even in Maryland, which had been founded as a refuge for them by the Calvert family in 1634. Catholicism was banned when the Puritans took over in the 1650’s. The ban lasted more than a hundred years. When our parish church of St. Joseph’s was founded in 1765 in Cordoba, MD it had to be disguised as a farm house. Catholics did not have emancipation in America until we won our independence from Great Britain in 1781. For Catholics, displaying a Sacred Heart banner can be a sign of thanksgiving for the religious freedoms we now enjoy, and which we hope to preserve. Banners are available at many sites online, including Printerval.


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