Monday, May 27, 2024

A Survivor's Warning


 From Jan Greenhawk at The Easton Gazette:

Every parent of a high school or college student should give this book to their child and require them to read it.

Many of us who know history often comment about how it seems our country is rapidly sliding down the slope from freedom to Marxist Communism that rivals that of the USSR and Mao's China. When we state these observations, some on the Progressive left give that little derisive chuckle they employ so much in an effort to dismiss our thoughts as ridiculous.

Others don't laugh but ask us, "What's wrong with that? Capitalism is unfair to the poor and underprivileged." Those people are downright scary.

The first group is delusional. They think the Constitution and Washington will protect us from becoming a tyrannical, Communist dictatorship. The second group has been indoctrinated so much that they believe that Communism would be BETTER for the people of this country. Years in the public school system and the university system have taught them to hate our country, our history, and our Constitution.

They have no idea what Marxist ideas will do to this country. They look at us and tell us we don't know what we are talking about when we describe the horrors of this political system. (Read more.)


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