Saturday, September 15, 2007

Scars We Bear for Life

Heidi has a beautiful article about how some wounds never fully heal, but they can be redemptive. She says:

Whether our wounds are physical, emotional, or spiritual, the principle remains the same: God uses the painful consequences of our actions to draw us into deeper relationship with Himself. As we endure the pain and the scars begin to form, those marks can become a source of bitterness ... or thankfulness.

If in our pain we choose to pull away from God (either because we think He's abandoned us, or because we are trying to punish ourselves), our scars become a constant reminder of our own failings and weaknesses. However, if we let ourselves draw close to God — in prayer and through the sacraments — He tends to our wounds and teaches us important lessons that we could not learn any other way.

When this happens, He does not remove the scars entirely; the pain may stay with us for a lifetime. However, these marks no longer accuse us, no longer have any power to determine our future course. They have been transformed into reminders of God's providence and mercy. And with these scars, we are turned a little more perfectly into the image of the One who was wounded for our sins, and the sins of the whole world.

Such faith is in stark and powerful contrast to those who are turning away from God and embracing militant atheism, as The Washington Post discusses today. (Thanks, Elisa!) Share


Anonymous said...

AMEN to that. We must think always of St. Peter who turned from the cringing coward who denied Our Lord into the greatest Saint of the Church. He was always mindful of how he had failed Jesus, but moved on and allowed himself to be transformed through God's healing mercy.

wendybirde said...

Oh this was so wonderful Elena!

Peaceful Weekend : ) Wendy

elena maria vidal said...

Thank you! Peace!

Anonymous said...

Yet we cannot know just what pain any other person is feeling. Not all "scars" are alike. It seems too simple to me to somehow just say to someone else "Bear it. Accept it. And if you don't or question God or run from Him then you're a coward" What compassion for another human being's suffering is in that?

With Respect

elena maria vidal said...

Love and compassion make all the difference in the world, which is why the article recommends drawing close to the Saviour, the source of love and healing.