Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Church and State

Scott Richert's article came out a few days ago but I was away. So here it is. Mr. Richert correctly observes:

The widely held, apparently self-evident, assumption that the pro-life movement is the creature of the “religious Right” has blinded even most informed observers to the unexpected and intriguing fact that, for some on the Catholic part of “the Right,” the life issues are no longer paramount, if they ever were. Share

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Vara said...

Mr Hitchcock is completely and absolutely off-base and WRONG in his comments. I have had the blessing of meeting many good Catholic people at pro-life events and rallies. Pro-life issues certainly were (and ARE!) VERY important in their constellaation of values.

Rank-and-file Catholics never were a comfortable part of the Republican coalition (unlike Evangelicals, for instance). Not only did one see sn opposition to the current war in Iraq (and the earlier "war" in Kosovo, one must say in all fairness and justice, this Orthodox Christian says "thank you" for that!), but also an oposition to Republican corporatist and globalist policies. Not only John Paul and Benedict, but also Leo (I am thinking of the social teachings here) lives on in the popular Catholic consciousness.

Indeed, if you were to ask this outsider her opinion on what is important to most Catholics, I would list the following:

1. Pro-Life

2. Anti-Military Adventurism (not anti-war, for most Catholics are ready to bear arms in a just war)

3. Pro-family initiatives

4. Anti-immorality (a stance against pornography, deviant sexuality, and licentiousness)

Hitchcock, Novak, et al are uncomfortable with the above list because neocons are actually VERY liberal in their social attitudes. However, I believe that the instinctual and deeply-held pro-life values of common Catholics offends them, for it impedes them in their alliance with their neocon confreres. Did not Apostle Paul tell us, "Do not be yoked unequally with unbelievers"... Hmm... something to think about, indeed!