Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Irish Soldiers of Mexico

A moving article from The Lion and the Cardinal. I had never heard of St. Patrick's battalion; now, I will never forget them. Share


Anonymous said...

As I sent you a book the civil War aspect of the Irish in the Army you may be well aware the the the Irish were not well loved by the know nothings of the 19th century.

Thus those in command were brutal to the Irish in the mexican war as well. This was a war were the first anti-war, Anti-imperialist, Anti-Catholic mermurings were held, especially In new England.

The Irish, because of their religious as well as immigrant status were easy targets for the Protestant leadership to single out. Thus, when to no suprise they went over to their Mexican co-religionists they were easy targets of retribution after capture.

America has more than 200 years of Anti-Catholic sentiment. unfortuntely it is helped by openly scandalous so called Catholic politicians who deem their careers more important than their faith.

de Brantigny

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, M. de Brantigny, the book you sent me, "Irish Green and Union Blue" is wonderful and describes it all as you say.