Sunday, September 16, 2007

Climate Changes

I remember studying the "little ice age," an era roughly from the 13th to the 19th century when temperatures were noticeably chillier. Old monastic records are a way scientists are able to study climate changes, as one article shows. (via Spirit Daily)

"We know from Josef Dietrich that the extremes were very big during his time. There were very cold winters and very mild winters, very wet summers and very dry summers," he says, adding that the range of weather extremes has been smaller in the 40 years he has recorded data for the Swiss national weather service.

"That's why I'm always cautious when people say the weather extremes now are at their greatest. Without historical context you lose control and you rush to proclaim every latest weather phenomenon as extreme or unprecedented," Hinder says.



Anonymous said...

Growing up in Chicago where the snow is deep in the winter and the days are excrutiatingly hot in the summer I find it very hard to beleive in all this global warming jazz. I remember being the the Field museum and seeing the display on the ice age that ended about 10,000 years ago. The ice was deep enough to cover the Sears tower about three times over. Now that is not a small building. Near as I can figure there wasnt any industry to start global warming, yet the ice sheet that covered the middle of the continent retreated from the shores of ruoghly the Ohio river to the far north of what is now Canada.

We need to conserve our planet for our posterity, yes, because it is Gods gift to us. We should not make global warming our new religion as many would have us do.

de Brantigny

elena maria vidal said...

That is pretty much the way I see it, too, Richard.

Anonymous said...

Quite true. The difference is that in this situation much of it has been caused by 'Greenhouse Gases' brought on by human life on the planet, according to scientists. But that could be propaganda as well. In any case, whatever is causing it, it is indeed happening, which is something many denied in the past. When I visited Alaska in the early '90's there was a lake where there had, in the 1940's, been a glacier. So I, as well as many others, had observed the effects 15 years ago.

Vara said...

We should not be bufflaoed by secularists with an obvious agenda. This year, we had a mild summer in the Northeast, and it is very cool for September this time around. "Global warming", indeed!

Do not forget, "Man proposes, God disposes". As for "climate change", reflect on the fact that Greenland was once far WARMER than at present, and the change was certainly not due to nebulous "greenhouse gases" or the notorious SUV.

I say, crack open an adult beverage, smile, and send the lot of them to perdition. It shall place you in a very sunny mood, indeed, and allow you to see it all in the proper perspective.