Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Irish in Ontario

It was a wonderful trip. I spent three beautiful days by a lake in Ontario, sunning on the beach, hiking in the woods, and having long talks about local and family history with my cousins. I gleaned a great deal of information and inspiration and even got some writing done.

Here is an article that one of my cousins sent me about the Irish settlers in Ontario, and how religious differences are still a source of contention in Canada. As it was once said of the old Irish by those who despised them:

"... Irish beggars are to be met everywhere, and they are as ignorant and vicious as they are poor. They are lazy, improvident and unthankful; they fill our poorhouses and our prisons, and are as brutish in their superstition as Hindoos." Share

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Anonymous said...

Every immigrant group has had vicious negative comments made about them, yet they have been the strength of this country by means of their contributions in science, art, culinary expertise, mechanical innovations, the list is endless. My ancestors landed in Jamestown Virginia in the 1600's, but without the later influx of immigrants this country could never have achieved and become the world power it is today.