Friday, September 14, 2007

The McGann Mystery

There are thousands of stolen and missing children all over the world; one shudders to think of all the children on the African continent alone who are missing and about whom no one will ever hear. One of the reasons that everyone knows about Madeleine McGann's disappearance is that her parents have raised the roof from day one in an effort to find her. They have the means to do so, whereas so many poor parents do not have any resources when their children are taken.

I always thought of Portugal as being relatively safe as far as foreign countries were concerned, and certainly as being safer than most parts of the USA, but that illusion has been shattered. Nevertheless, it is easy to forget how in August 1917 Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco were thrown into prison by local authorities with adult male criminals in an effort to make them recant their story about the Lady from heaven. The little ones were threatened with torture. They were not harmed but the threats were indeed made; the terrifying hours in jail did happen.

It has been claimed for several months that Madeleine's mother Kate is being framed for Madeleine's murder. It coincidentally happens that the chief of police investigating the case was also involved in another incident of a missing little girl, a child whose body was never found. There are also allegations that the mother in the previous case was framed, and tortured by police into confessing that she had killed her own daughter. That may not be true. Perhaps there is no connection at all, but it should be taken into account before everyone starts accusing Kate McGann.

I think that the parents made a big mistake to leave three toddlers alone in an apartment while they went to dinner. They themselves will never again have a moment of peace in their lives knowing what a mistake it was. But to accuse the McGanns of murdering their own child is both ludicrous and horrific. Especially with such bizarre evidence as hair and blood in a car that was rented almost a month after Madeline disappeared. It is all very strange. We need to pray. Share


Terry Nelson said...

I can't believe the accusations eithe.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if 1. it was police corruption and the local higher ups don't want the bad publicity of a botched investigation affecting their local tourism industry or 2. if the police were using it as a tool to make the real kidnapper/killer start to be careless if they thought they were off the hook.

The whole thing is a mess. It sounds like there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

We live in a very evil and disturbed age. This family need prayer and protection from the forces of evil. It is crazy to imagne that parents could kill their daughter and then leave her dead body with her siblings and go out to dinner. It sounds like a stitch up. There may be a paedophile ring operating here that has influence over the police.

elena maria vidal said...

I agree, Terry.

Margaret, I think it is #1 and that there is a lot more to it that we do not know.

Mary Rose, you echo my thoughts exactly.

Lucy said...

We have been praying for the McCanns and for their sweet daughter since the beginning - what I noticed was that our catholic cathedral had taken down the special photos, candles and prayer card last time we visited. I thought that was sad. Today I was hearing the rumours that her parents klled her and dumped her in the sea, so there will never be proof either way - so the police can say it's not their fault they didn't solve it and the poor McCanns can live under the shadow of rumour for the rest of their lives, to add to their burden of grief.

Anonymous said...

The first I heard of this story was just last week, and I still was unfamiliar with what the whole thing was about. Now, reading all this, and other news stories, I really feel for this poor couple! My gut feeling is that there is just no way that they did anything to their child. They'd have to be pathological sociopathical maniacs to pull such a thing-- two doctors cooly going back to dine with friends after murdering their child? oh please! They'd have to have had a long history of sociopathic behavior, and they just do not give any indication that they have ever been that way!

I think that the police have accused these parents in order to send them a very strong warning signal to let all this go--or else; perhaps they are too close to uncovering something big and the police are trying to prevent that.

I'm thinking perhaps God is allowing this couple to undergo this awful trial for a greater reason-- this case puts their wealth and connections and enterprise to use; maybe it will be resourceful in exposing something horribly insidious, perhaps something in the way of international white slavery/child prostitution--which may be a humongous multi-kazillion dollar industry, which may have been 'enjoying' paid-for police protection. God knows where all this will lead.

I just pray that the baby turns up safe in this ordeal. May God, Mary, Joseph,St Micheal and all the Saints protect them and help them all.

elena maria vidal said...

I think you are on to something, Georgette. I think that the child prostitution industry is a more extensive than most of us would care to imagine.

elena maria vidal said...

I agree, Mrs. Pea, and I think we need to pray now harder than ever.

Dymphna said...

After Susan Smith I am surprised by nothing. Usually when small children die it's the parents who did it. It is not uncommon for parents to sedate their children these days. People frequently do it before plane trips.

Due to our fallen nature anybody is capable of anything at anytime.

elena maria vidal said...

I just don't understand how Madeleine's hair could be in a car not rented by her parents until a month after she disappeared. Where would anyone keep a body for weeks in the Portuguese summer heat? The forensics just don't add up to the time frame.