Sunday, September 9, 2007

Going to Mass on Sunday

It is not just a rule; it is an "inner necessity," according to Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI in his homily today in Vienna's Cathedral of St. Stephen. The Pope said:

"Sine dominico non possumus!" Without the Lord and without the day that belongs to him, life does not flourish. Sunday has been transformed in our Western societies into the week-end, into leisure time. Leisure time is certainly something good and necessary, especially amid the mad rush of the modern world. Yet if leisure time lacks an inner focus, an overall sense of direction, then ultimately it becomes wasted time that neither strengthens nor builds us up. Leisure time requires a focus -- the encounter with him who is our origin and goal. My great predecessor in the see of Munich and Freising, Cardinal Faulhaber, once put it like this: Give the soul its Sunday, give Sunday its soul. Share


Vara said...

Why don't we keep this simple? Is not the Pope of Rome saying that we should accept Christ's invitation to His House on Sunday, and Receive His Most Holy Body and Blood as we should?

This is another of those things were anything else is mere commentary.

Pray for this poor sinner (who WAS freely at the liturgy yesterday, because she desired to be there!).


elena maria vidal said...

True, Vara. Unfortunately, the commentary is needed to explain simple truths to complicated souls.