Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Here is an article by Michael Brown about the importance of having blessed objects around one's house. He quotes extensively from Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the chief exorcist at the Vatican. I highly recommend Fr. Amorth's books. Brown says:

Just as a good spirit, and a blessing, can be attached to a holy object, so can a dark force arrive with something that has attracted the wrong kinds of spirits. Such is not superstition. Exorcists -- including leading ones -- will tell you this.

We see in Scripture how blessings could be transferred to a handkerchief (Acts 19:12) and the opposite occurs when something has been the object of obsession.

Often, we have problems in our homes or at work or in our lives and we grow frustrated because we don't recognize where it is coming from -- we never consider the true source. Most often, when there is such a roadblock, it is a spirit in or around a person or place, or around our own beings, but there are times when it is something that has come into our midst and needs to be purified.

"Objects can transmit negativity as well," noted Father Gabriele Amorth, a famous exorcist in Rome (in a book called An Exorcist: More Stories). "When we discover the source objects, it is easy to avoid contact with them or to destroy them."


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Anonymous said...

This is fantastic!! I just got some blessed salt - I plan to put it to use tonight! Great suggestions from the article - I will try to remember to bless articles as they enter my home with holy water. It could only help! :)