Friday, March 30, 2007

Thoughts on the Antichrist...

...And the inversion of values in Catholic blogdom. Here is an article from Taki's site which takes those Catholics to task who have supported torture and unjust war. It is critical of EWTN. I don't like every single thing on EWTN, but the plight of Christians in Palestine has been explored on The World Over, which is good. Also, I think there are many Catholic bloggers, other than the one or two mentioned in the article, who do not support torture and unjust war, such as the excellent blog The Western Confucian. There is A Conservative Blog for Peace as well. (I am referring to Catholic blogs that emphasize political issues, not those that are mostly spiritual and/or cultural.) It is imperative to give our full support to our military personnel who are in harm's way and suffering many terrible things. Let us offer special prayers for our soldiers during Holy Week.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Taki's article is powerful. You sure don't hear in America any criticism of war-mongering, particularly when it is on behalf of Israel's interests ("America's interests, be damned," as they seem to say). That pretty much goes for the liberals and conservatives alike. Only a few lone voices, like Pat Buchanan, Alan Keyes or Joe Sobran, are out there, but the din of the masses pretty much drowns them out.

It seems too many American
"conservative" Catholics confuse the Republican party for the Catholic Church--supporting the Republican party's policies as if they are the Magisterium itself. Over and again, we accept it all without question and without consulting our own beliefs or those of the Church. And we don't think for a moment how the GOP is dominated, in large part, by the American Evangelical Protestants, who have their own strange "Christian Zionism" which clamors for middle eastern wars in the hopes of bringing on the "Armageddon" they all salivate for (which they will know it for what it is, by golly, because they will have been comfortably "raptured" the heck out of here beforehand!).

Iosue Andreas Sartorius said...

Thank you very much for the mention and for your most recent comments on my blog, to which I have just responded.

It goes without saying that I love your blog and everything it stands for.

Anonymous said...

Elena, thanks for your kind comments, which have led me to your excellent blog, to which I'm now subscribed. I appreciate them all the more, having seen the quality of your site.

One small thing--my article does not criticize EWTN; the criticism of EWTN is in a comment left by someone else.

elena maria vidal said...

Thank you, Josue, your site is wonderful, too.

Thank you, Scott, for the clarification and thank you again for the insightful article. You said things that needed to be said.