Saturday, March 24, 2007

Forms of address

Here is a brief guide from Emily Post on the proper forms of address. I must admit that I have never warmed up to the term "Ms." It did not develop organically like "Mr." and "Mrs." but was a politically correct imposition of the feminist movement. Being a history major, "Ms." always reminded me of "MS" or "manuscript." I did not get married until age 34 but being addressed as "Miss" never bothered me. All the children I taught or took care of always called me "Miss Mary" or "Aunt Mary." (They still do.)

Also, the guide says that a couple living together without being married are to receive a joint invitation as if they were spouses. I disagree, and abide by the old rule which recommends that persons of the same household, over eighteen, who are not married to each other, receive separate invitations. (If people want to enjoy the privileges of married life then they need to take the plunge and GET MARRIED.) Share

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