Saturday, March 10, 2007

Monsignor Schmitz on the Classical Roman Rite

Here is the transcript of an enlightening talk given by Monsignor Schmitz, the superior of the Institute of Christ the King, found at The New Liturgical Movement.

Monsignor Schmitz reiterates what I have heard from other learned priests and liturgists, that Vatican II never said anything about Mass facing the people, rather it is supposed to be Ad Orientem. To quote Monsignor Schmitz:

The Holy Father, as perhaps you know, has written a Preface to a book by a very learned member of the London Oratory, Father Michael Lang, who is a very holy priest, about the direction of the altar. And the Holy Father fosters the results of that book. Father Lang has discovered that never was there anything else in the history of the Church other than an eastward-bound altar. And everyone would look toward the same direction together with the priest, toward the east, toward the resurrecting Son—toward Christ—toward the center of the liturgy. Father Lang makes it very clear that any other direction of the altar is not traditional. It is simply a recent introduction. And even if you go through the Novus Ordo Missae you will find a few rubrics that indicate that this Mass was meant to be celebrated at an altar facing the tabernacle. So even the new liturgy was not meant to be celebrated exclusively facing the people.

Here is what he has to say about Latin:

Latin is still the language of the Church. Personally, I find it embarrassing when the members of the clergy do not understand Latin. It makes them victims of ignorance because if one cannot read and understand Latin, one cannot read and understand the original documents of the Second Vatican Council. One cannot read and understand even most of the Fathers of the Church that have been so widely propagated in the last forty years.

When the clergy would be made national, then all of a sudden, we would not have a Roman Catholic clergy anymore. We would have an American clergy. We would have a German clergy. We would have an Italian clergy. And when they come together, they have no language with which to communicate. This is not the intent of the Church. This has never been the intent of the Church.

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Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

“But if God in 2,000 years takes time and effort and grace to really instruct us in every detail how He wants to be glorified, how could I, because I have read one or two books, believe I could do it better than the Holy Ghost?” Msgr. Schmitz queried rhetorically. “If I do it, I will be rewarded with my own stupidity.” Monsignor Michael R. Schmitz, U.S. Provincial Superior for the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest. February 2007. More? Go here:

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