Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Catholic Writers' Contest

Heidi has announced that Canticle magazine will be having its first writers' contest. Canticle is an excellent periodical and I highly recommend all ladies having a subscription to it. It is practical as well as spiritual and always uplifting. Genevieve Kineke announced that she will be reviewing both Trianon and Madame Royale in Canticle in the next few months. From her blog post, I can see that Genevieve has totally grasped the spiritual sub-plot that I hoped people would glean from the novels. They are not just historical novels but also explore the mystical role of women and how they suffer in their spiritual and physical motherhood. So watch for her review in the pages of Canticle and I will have a couple articles in there as well. Share


Anonymous said...

I agree with Genevieve's remarks. Most other authors are in the bush leagues compared to you....she got that right. It is so annoying to see the same authors being shoved onto the reading public by these big publishing houses who don't want to take any risks with unknown authors. Danielle Steele,Mary Higgins Clark, James Patterson, etc. etc. What puzzles me is,who are reading these books? In my lifetime, and it started before then, there has been a regression to the mean in all aspects of western culture and I blame it on the educational system and lazy teachers who themselves are mediocre people. Believe me,I have had first hand experience with them.

elena maria vidal said...

Alice, thank you so much. To each his own. I never intended to write for a mass market, but originally just for home-schoolers. I am amazed that the books have been enjoyed by many people all over the world and continue to sell steadily after ten years. I thank God.