Friday, March 30, 2007

Remembering Terri Schindler Schiavo

It is hard to believe that only two years ago we were watching the torture and execution of Terri Schiavo. The whole thing is still unbelievable to me. Our nation will never recover from this infamy until measures are taken that will prevent such a murder from ever happening again.

Here is an excerpt from a homily given on the Good Friday preceding Terri's death:

Terri Schiavo has undergone a humiliation before the whole world and with her our entire nation has been degraded and disgraced. Her human dignity has been scourged and mocked and spat upon – not by rough and uncouth Roman soldiers - but by modern civilized people with college degrees and high paying jobs; educated people, intelligent people, but evil people.

Our Blessed Savior told His disciples that as He was despised, so they would be despised. Yet still we are Christians, and ultimately nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. We know what really happened on that Hill of Golgotha 2000 years ago. We know that this was not a true victory for the devil. We know that the crucifixion of Our Lord brought about the great outpouring of grace into the sinful world. We know as only Christians can know that the gibbet of the Cross is in fact the throne of the King of Kings.

And we know also that in order to be His true disciples we must take up that Cross and follow Him. Placed in this context we understand in a way how the passion of our sister Terri Schiavo was a participation in that of Jesus’ own passion and death.
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EMV, I hope you re-post this when the anniversary comes around again. I've been revisiting this case lately and it just makes my blood boil. What an unthinkably cruel, evil thing to do to an innocent woman and her beautiful family. Our judicial system is insane and perverse. You can't starve and dehydrate our most heinous criminals, you go to jail if you do it do a dog, but you can do it to innocent human beings who are disabled, who need our protection the most.

When these judges get going, they just swallow the rest of the Constitution whole. Due process, rules against cruel and unusual punishment, let alone basic humanity, all out the window. This whole much-vaunted separation of powers/checks and balances thing has just become a joke. The courts trump everyone and everything else. You had the legislative/executive powers trying, at least to some extent, to save this woman, but it all meant nothing because of the judiciary. That's the biggest problem in our system today- judges have become absolute masters. Under the guise of interpreting the law, they interpret it out of existence. This Schiavo case was a travesty in every possible way, and yet another black mark against Obama is his saying that his great regret from his days as Senator was going along with the law to save Terri's life.

However, I must say it has been a joy learning more about the Schindlers. It is amazingly brave to endure such a devastating experience and then to have so much strength and love left to help others. But it makes me very angry to see the willful ignorance, indifference and downright malice still directed at Terri and her family.