Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Cloak of Saint Joseph

His feast is coming up in a few days. Here is an article from Michael Brown on Spirit Daily:

Is it St. Joseph's time?

There are many hidden things, and one of them, at this moment in history, is the great saint who served as the earthly father of Jesus.

Incredible as it seems, he is known to all -- from the very Nativity, from before the birth of Jesus -- but remains almost clandestine.

Few are the holy men or women who have not had an association with Joseph, and perhaps it is time for him to step from what is relative obscurity. We think of him in a special way next week (Monday is his feast), and even that is obscured, most of the time, by the feast two days before of St. Patrick, another one who is great but would be the first to acknowledge Joseph as his superior.

No saint, save the Virgin, is more powerful.

How could they be? He spent more time with Jesus than anyone except his wife. He was chosen to take the place of father to the Incarnate Word. It is believed that like John the Baptist, he was sanctified in the womb; that he was confirmed in grace; and that he was free from incorrect impulses. (Read full article)


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