Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Nazis were Socialists, too.

Here is a fantastic article that I have been hoping someone would write, and someone did. It is about how the Nazis and the Communists were united in their atheistic, materialistic philosophies; both were enemies of Pope Pius XII, and both slandered him. Share


Anonymous said...

The truth is coming out. It is odd that in the '50s when there was such an anti-communist fervor in this country there were really no hard facts exposed as to the atrocities, etc. Only lately, when one feels there is a malaise in this country and no fervor or passion about anything,that the
truth is coming out. Thankfully more and more is coming out to rectify the bad press the Pope had received.

Anonymous said...

Ah Madame. I often find that when I tell people that the Nazi and the communist are both leftist. Nazi means National Socialist Workers Party. What more does one need to identify them. I am amazed when the left means to insult someone they call them a Nazi. But then I remember that, 1. since Stalin hated nazis they must also, and 2. Communists are relativly left of the left so Nazis wuoold seem as right wing.

de Brantigny

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, the Communist Party in the Weimar Republic was so bumbling that the LEFT threw it's might behind the National Socialists. Yes, Stalin hated the Nazis, but originally Stalin and Hitler were allies.