Saturday, March 24, 2007


Today is the day we usually veil the statues of our home altar with purple cloth, in observance of Passiontide, which begins on Sunday. Although the Fifth Sunday of Lent is not designated as "Passion Sunday" on the new calendar, it is still permissible to cover the statues and sacred images during this week. It really helps us to plunge into the mood of the sufferings of Our Lord.

As Abbot Gueranger writes in The Liturgical Year, Vol VI:

Let us hope that, by God's mercy, the holy time we are now entering upon will work such a happy change in us, that, on the day of judgment, we may confidently fix our eyes on Him we are now about to contemplate crucified in the hands of sinners. The death of Jesus puts the whole of nature in commotion; the midday sun is darkened, the earth is shaken to its very foundations, the rocks are split; may it be that our hearts, too, be moved and pass from indifference to fear, from fear to hope, and, at length from hope to love; so that having gone down with our Crucified to the very depths of sorrow, we may deserve to rise with Him unto light and joy, beaming with the brightness of His Resurrection, and having within ourselves the pledge of new life, which shall then die no more. Share


Anonymous said...

I wrote about this as well! Quoting from the same Dom. Honestly, I wasn't copying!

Anyway - I just viewed Victory Gardens on PBS and they were in lovely Ireland! And the Irish were as beautiful and charming as the countryside and quaint villages. :)
Terry of Abbey

elena maria vidal said...

It is a great quote, terry! Between Dom Gueranger and Don Marco we will make it to Easter.