Monday, June 19, 2023

Thieves of Innocence

 From Jennifer Hartline at The Stream:

The revolting phenomenon of “Drag” and all its public displays and political maneuvers is everywhere. Politicians are now having press conferences and photo ops with creeps in garish drag get-up. Yeah, creeps. Drag isn’t costume or art; it’s a perverse sexual fetish.

An online friend recently shared that in his rural area, a library was hosting some trans/drag person and admission to the event was tight so you could only get in if you brought a child with you. Why does an adult male in freakish, sexually-provocative garb demand an audience of children? Because drag is a predatory beast.

Since when is it normal, good, or safe for a little girl to crawl on the belly of a strange man dressed in drag? Or for a little girl to have a man expose his penis to her while he grinds his hips just inches from her face? Should little girls be taught how to dance suggestively in front of adults who give her dollar bills for her “performance”? In a sane society, such perverts would be lucky to fall into the hands of police. Not so long ago, mothers would never have allowed open predators near their kids, but astonishingly, today moms and dads are clapping along as their children are feasted upon by degenerates. (Read more.)

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