Monday, June 12, 2023

Dystopian Nightmare

 From The Blaze:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. traveled to Yuma, Arizona, Tuesday to survey the fallout of the Biden administration's border policies, as well as to speak with those left to pick up the pieces, such as Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls and Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot.

At an unfinished section of border wall — the completion of which President Joe Biden halted his first day in office — Kennedy observed hundreds of illegal aliens flout American law and steal into the country.

"This is not a good thing for our country. It's not a good thing for these people. And it's unsustainable," Kennedy said in a cell phone video, with illegal aliens from China, Peru, Afghanistan, and elsewhere reportedly behind him.

As foreign nationals slipped by just feet away, Kennedy, running against Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination, explained early Tuesday morning, "In three years, in total, seven million people have come across the border illegally into our country. And from here, they're put on these buses and they're brought to the Border Patrol's station where they're processed. After four or five days, they're released on their on recognizance into our country and most of them are never seen or heard from again." (Read more.)


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